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CANA Education Online

CANA is excited to announce its new web-based courses. A variety of cremation-related topics are available through our new online learning management system.

Experience cutting-edge online education with CANA. You won’t find any boring, narrated PowerPoint courses here! With interaction, case studies, and scenarios, our classes are engaging. Learn at your own pace and experience the content in whatever order you want. Plus, you can take the courses on any platform you prefer: pc, tablet—or even your phone.



To register for any of the classes listed below, use your existing log in information to access our Online Education platform, or Create your free account today!


Online Courses Available:


Crematory Operations Certification Program™ (COCP™)

New in 2017! As a leading provider of quality crematory operator training for over thirty years, CANA is confident that the online version of our course is the next step in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing industry where cremation is the new tradition. For more information on the course and how to register, visit our Certification page.



Cremation Arrangement Conference Best Practices

Summary:  As consumer preferences change, it is imperative that you provide what your cremation customers want. Learn how you can communicate with cremation families during the arrangement conference to ensure they walk away with peace of mind, knowing their loved one will be memorialized in a way that best represents the life that person lived. You’ll focus on preparing for success by learning about cremation marketing tools. Learn conference essentials, like how to get started, how to collect the story, how to create value through tributes, the significance of final placement, and more. Finally, discover how to provide solutions by exploring the design of personalized tributes, product options that enhance the tribute, and quality product displays.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe various ways to prepare for successful arrangement conferences before the family ever walks through the door, including cremation marketing, interacting with phone shoppers, and maintaining the funeral home environment.

  2. Provide at least one example of a statement that can be used to establish the goal of the arrangement conference.

  3. Name at least three examples of how you can engage a family in conversation to collect information, that both required by law and needed to best serve the family.

  4. Describe best practices for presenting service (tribute) and permanent memorialization options.

  5. Describe best practices for presenting product options.

Price: $190

Continuing Education Credit: Successful completion of the course results in the awarding of 2.0 Continuing Education Hours



Cremation Phone Shoppers: Your Best First Impression

Summary: When you answer the next cremation phone shopper call, do you know what to say to convert them to a customer? Or will you turn them away by not giving them the right information? This course will teach you how to effectively answer and handle the next phone shopper call. Topics include: basic communication skills, educating consumers, making the connecting, and communicating the value of your establishment. Actual phone call scenarios are incorporated to help you practice choosing the right thing to say.

Learning Outcomes:

1.     Describe how to create an ideal phone inquiry experience.

2.     Explain how to educate consumers about cremation offerings.

3.     Communicate the value and uniqueness of your offerings.

4.     Secure new business.

Price: $95

Continuing Education Credit: Successful completion of the course results in the awarding of 1.0 Continuing Education Hours


Legal topics

Summary: This course covers two popular legal topics: Handling Regulatory Investigations and Third Party Crematory Considerations.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

1.     Handling Regulatory Investigations

a.     Describe your basic rights when interacting with a regulatory agency.

b.     Explain the benefits of retaining counsel during an investigation.

c.     List the steps in the regulatory process.

2.     Third Party Crematory Considerations

a.     Explain the key activities that should be undertaken to protect your business when entering into third-party contracts.

b.     Describe the essential components of third-party contracts.

c.     Identify additional considerations when working with third-party crematories and funeral homes.

Price: $150

Continuing Education Credit: Successful completion of the course results in the awarding of 1.5 Continuing Education Hours


cremation & the environment

Summary:This course focuses on the environment as related to cremation, and will cover the concept of recycling in cremation, the legal considerations for recycling, and emissions in cremation.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

1.     Cremation & Recycling

a.     Identify components that are removed both pre- and post-cremation.

b.     Explain the suggested guidelines for recycling, including compliance, disclosure, procedure, procedure and compensation.

c.     Identify which components of recycling occur at your facility, and which occur at the recycler’s facility.

d.     Describe your options in the recycling marketplace.

2.     Cremation & Recycling Legal Introduction

a.     Determine whether or not your business should recycle metals from cremated remains.

b.     Describe the legal aspects regarding recycling.

c.     Explain the ethical implications that should be considered before beginning a recycling program.

3.     Cremation & Emissions

a.     Minimize visible emissions from the cremation process.

b.     Describe the key findings of the 1999 US EPA Emission Study.

c.     Explain how mercury emissions from cremation impact the environment.

Price: $190

Continuing Education Credit: Successful completion of the course results in the awarding of 2.0 Continuing Education Hours


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