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CANA's 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention
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CANA's 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention

7/25/2018 to 7/29/2018

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Informative, Inventive Workshops

The following presentations, recorded during the 100th Convention, are available with purchase. Watch one or watch them all for $100.

Typically, continuing education credits are not available for event recordings.


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Session 1

Cremation Past, Present and Future
Jason Engler
CANA Historian

Join Cremation Historian Jason Engler as he shares the multitude of ways that our Association is at the forefront of all things cremation. In words and images, attendees will experience the transformation of CANA through time, from a fledgling organization with 11 charter members, to death care’s largest cremation-focused organization. Attendees will also learn their own connections to the past and future as they understand that CANA membership has been indispensable in the advancement of best practices in operations and memorialization since cremation’s modern revival in the US. (47 minutes)

Session 2

Marketing 101 Bootcamp
Joe Weigel
Weigel Strategic Marketing

This hands-on seminar offers a great way to acquire the core skills you need as a marketer – whether you are a novice or in need of a quick refresher. You’ll learn how to properly use marketing to improve your firm’s overall competitiveness and increase revenues, receive a solid grounding in the tools, techniques and approaches used in a plan and be provided with a template to generate your own marketing plan. (55 minutes)

Session 3

Current Trends in Cremation Regulation
Jennifer Kandt, Nevada; Charles Perine, Alabama; Sandy Mahon, Saskatchewan; Mary Schwantes, Florida (not pictured)

CANA recently updated its Model Cremation Law, although for the first time ever, the law was updated in response to trends in state and provincial laws and regulation. Several states and provinces are leading in interesting areas including licensure of crematory operators, alkaline hydrolysis, body donation and more. This panel will explore trends in cremation regulation that may be coming to your neighborhood soon. (77 minutes)

Session 4

Cremation Fundamentals
Anne O’Reilly, ASD; Debra Bjorling, IAOPCC; Jennifer Head, CANA

The cremation fundamentals panel focuses on bringing you three short presentations on topics related to foundational business practices. This year we’ll talk about customer service training, owning pet crematories, and using competencies for employee development and recruitment. (54 minutes)

Session 5

Brand Segmentation in a High Cremation Market
John McQueen, Foundation Partners Group; Richard Baldwin, Baldwin Brothers Memorial Care Services, Inc.

There are both risks and rewards associated with brand segmentation, especially in avoiding self-cannibalization. John and Richard both do this successfully in the high cremation state of Florida. They’ll share their journeys with you, and explore brand differentiation and brand marketing, as well as what John refers to as the “Kia Effect”. (60 minutes)

Session 6

Cremation GPS
Bob Boetticher, Jr.

Learn how to put the power of CANA statistics and your own business to work for you. Use Cremation GPS to navigate towards success with an increasing cremation rate and consumer trends. G = Gather Information; P = Process; S = Strategy (Execute). (54 minutes)

Session 7

Beyond the Niche: Developing a Cremation Strategy
John Bolton
Blackstone Cemetery Development

We are all aware of the impact cremation is having on our business. We all know how the market is changing; the question is "Are we changing at the same pace as our clients?" In this session, John will lead us past the "If we build it, they will come" philosophy and break down the ins and outs of developing a true cremation strategy for our cemeteries.  This session will focus on the development and implementation of an overall strategy for cremation including inventory and product mix, marketing strategies and how cremation fits into your overall approach to effectively meeting the needs of today’s non-traditional cremation consumer. (58 minutes)

Session 8

Customer Experience Strategy
Lori Salberg
Johnson Consulting Group

Cremation consumers reject ritual and tradition and expect a unique and personalized experience. The industry has seen an influx of products and services that aim to create a unique and personalized experience. But Customer Experience is defined as how customers perceive their interactions with your company. Leading companies understand that how an organization delivers for customers is as important as what it delivers. That’s why Customer Experience is the next frontier for companies hoping to maintain a competitive edge.  So how do you develop a Customer Experience strategy? (64 minutes)