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Convincing Your Boss
CANA's 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention CANA's 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention Speakers

You’ve decided the CANA Convention is where you need to go, and we really want you there; now it’s time to convince your boss! We know that every dollar has to be justified, and so does the time away from the office. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use these tools to show why your attendance would be a great investment

Find Real Solutions to Your Top Challenges.

CANA’s Annual Cremation Innovation Convention is THE gathering place for cremation professionals to share struggles, successes and best practices. You will learn what’s going on in the industry, find out what strategies your peers are implementing, and discover how they are tackling similar issues you are facing. In short, you’ll learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of your biggest challenges.

Meet and Learn From the Trendsetters.

For over 100 years, we’ve drawn the best and brightest in the industry together into one place. You’ll learn innovative and progressive ideas from people who know how to successfully serve all families, particularly the increasing number of families who chose cremation, and profitably.

Networking with Industry Peers.

CANA’s Conventions are small and have an intimate focus on networking like no one else can. In fact, it’s the top reason people attend CANA events. Here, among a community of cremation professionals, we foster an atmosphere of collaboration where people support each other through all stages of their career and business. The connections made at our events last a lifetime.

Stay Relevant.

If you want to stay relevant in your profession, you have to stay open to implementing the latest trends in your organization. CANA cultivates an environment of excellence through progressive cremation education, networking across the profession, and exhibitors with tomorrow’s products and solutions. There is no better place to take the pulse of the industry than CANA’s 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention.

Inspire Your Team.

Take what you learn from CANA’s 100th Convention and share it with your team. You’ll walk away with the tools and know-how to implement the latest cremation strategies. It’s not just about your personal development, it’s about taking what you learn and sharing it with your colleagues so everyone can work together to improve your organization’s bottom line!

Tools for Convincing

Use the following tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending CANA’s 100th Annual Cremation Innovation Convention to your manager. These tools will show your manager that you’ve done your research, built your business case, and are serious about attending.

Manager Letter

Sometimes a conversation is the way to go, and other times it requires a moral formal approach. Customize this letter to help your manager understand why CANA’s 100th Convention is one of the most cost-effective and valuable conferences for you.

Session and Exhibitor Worksheet

Customize this worksheet to detail how the education sessions will help solve any workplace challenges. Additionally, list the exhibitors you plan to visit; if you’re currently reviewing suppliers, this is the perfect opportunity to request demonstrations and see the products and services firsthand.

Investment Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend.


Print this brochure to provide an overview of what this event is all about.