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CANA's Cremation Brochure Series
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NEW! Tools for Consumer Education

CANA brochure and topic card series about some important facets of cremation. For promotion of your business, display in your lobby, or at preneed events, these are designed to allow families to learn about cremation. When they understand their options, they can feel empowered to make decisions and come to you, the expert, with their questions and plans.

Cremation provides infinite opportunities for your families to express their creativity and unique personalities and to memorialize in their own way. These choices, particularly in the midst of grief, can be both inspiring and overwhelming. Understanding the options can empower people to make decisions.

To help you educate your cremation families, CANA announces a new series of cremation literature highlighting several important facets of cremation. Whether you distribute them to promote your business, display them in your lobby, or pass them out at preneed events, these pieces are designed to allow families to learn about cremation and approach you, the expert, with their questions and plans.

Cremation Brochure Series

Designed to fit into your existing brochure holders or in a standard mailing envelope, CANA's new cremation brochures cover topics important to consumers:

  • Cremation Memorialization: How Can Cremated Remains Rest in Peace?
    Explaining what memorialization is and the many ways to make it meaningful.
  • Cremation Service: Time to Reflect on What Feels Right
    Exploring the upsides and downsides to various options for cremation service.
  • The Cremation Process: Understanding How it Works
    A technical explanation of how the body progresses through the cremation process, chain of identification, and what is in cremated remains and crematory emissions.

Any funeral home, cemetery, crematory, etc. can buy any title in packs of 100 for $100, 500 for $400, and 1,000 for $750 with US shipping and handling included. Buy all three titles and save. CANA Members save even more with a 25% discount and free personalization on all brochure purchases.

Personalize Your Brochures

Add your color logo, address, and contact information to the back panel of any brochure for just $25 per title — available free for CANA Members!

Cremation Card Series

CANA's cremation cards provide answers to specific questions consumers have:

  • Transport of Cremated Remains
    Information gathered from the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration on flying domestically and internationally with cremated remains.
  • Cremation and Catholic Tradition
    Guidance drawn from Church instructions for Catholic families who choose cremation.
  • Cremation and the Veteran
    An explanation of memorialization options for the cremated remains of U.S. Veterans, including introductions to eligibility and applications.

All titles are sold in packs of 25 for $20.

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Order a Sample Kit

You can see the print quality and read the complete content of all six pieces when you order a sample kit. The kit includes one copy of each brochure and each card—all for just $5! (Shipping and handling included.)