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Planning and Payment
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Solution 1 – Pre-arrange and pre-fund with a provider

+ Pre-pay so your loved ones need not worry at the time of your death.

+ Arrange things exactly the way you want them.

- Not all expenses can be prefunded. Some items, such as death certificate fees, must be paid at need.

- This choice may exclude services or elements of memorialization that your loved ones might have chosen to accommodate their grief.

Solution 2 – Pre-arrange and tell loved ones

+ Arrange exactly what you want and your loved ones need.

+ Have a meaningful conversation about what how you want to be remembered.

- You must set aside funds for the expenses.

- Your loved ones may ultimately disregard your wishes.

Solution 3 – Do nothing now

+ There are no positive results, only negative consequences.

- Your loved ones must fund your cremation and services at need.

- Your loved ones must plan services without the benefit of knowing what your wishes were.

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Questions to consider or discuss

  • Who do I want to be in charge of final arrangements?
  • Where should I store my final arrangement plans so that, when the time comes, my loved ones can quickly and easily find them?

The Importance of Planning Ahead

It is recommended that when you are arranging for a cremation, it be taken care of prior to immediate need. This gives you the benefit of putting your arrangements together without the added pressure and stress that can occur when decisions must be made immediately at need.

Set aside a time to discuss your plans with the people who will be in charge of carrying out the arrangements. It can be comforting for your loved ones to look back on that difficult conversation and be confident of fulfilling your wishes.