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Position Statements
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The CANA Board of Directors has developed a Model Cremation Law and Explanation for use by state and provincial regulators when developing local laws. Additionally, the Board has created position statements on key topics. Links to the full documents are available here:

  • Model Cremation Law and Explanation — It is the objective of this revised model legislation to present current statutory provisions that will assist those individuals, organization, associations, state and provincial authorities which attempt to enact comprehensive cremation legislation. [revised November 2017]

  • Position Statement on Alkaline Hydrolysis — CANA’s definition of “cremation” covers a variety of technologies that may be applied in order to achieve reduction to bone fragments, including traditional flame-based cremation, calcination and alkaline hydrolysis. In the case of alkaline hydrolysis, current regulations may be sufficient with differences in the equipment used and the technological processes. CANA outlines guidelines in our full position statement [revised February 2018]

  • Position Statement on Non-Organic Metal Recycling — Recycling is the process of taking useful waste materials and making new products from them. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) embrace environmentally friendly efforts that are consistent with our members' business missions and provide guidelines in our full Joint Statement [adopted January 2015]

  • Comments on Funeral Rule Regulatory Review — The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opened The Funeral Rule for review on February 14, 2020. To ensure CANA members were part of the process, a survey was launched in March 2020. Member feedback was incorporated into this position statement submitted as public comment. [submitted June 2020]

CANA Press Releases

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